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OSHA: Natchaug Failed to Protect Us During the Pandemic

This week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirmed what we have long known to be true: Natchaug Hospital and Hartford HealthCare are failing to protect frontline workers during the pandemic.
After our members took a stand against unsafe conditions, OSHA issued Natchaug three citations for unlawfully: 
  • failing to provide N95s to staff when taking care of suspected COVID patients; 
  • failing to record eight cases of COVID-19; and 
  • failing to maintain a written respiratory program.
This makes Natchaug one of the only employers in the country to receive a COVID-related OSHA citation. Yet at the negotiation table, Natchaug refuses to take any steps to ensure we have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). 
It is time for Natchaug and Hartford HealthCare to do the right thing, and we will keep fighting until they do.
In solidarity, 
Executive Board Members
Natchaug Hospital Unions United, AFT Local 5052

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